All Imperant watches come with a twenty four (24) month warranty for all purchases from the purchase date shown on the invoice.

Imperant will cover any manufacturer defects for twenty four (24) months after the date of purchase shown on the invoice. If the watch parts or the movement is not functioning correctly, and we are at fault, we will repair or replace your product free of charge.

However, the Warranty does not cover any of the following:

  • Misuse you might put your watch through
  • Water damage
  • Usual wear and tear
  • End of the watch’s battery life (for the Quartz movement)
  • Accidental glass damage, scratches or strap damage
  • Theft or misplacement

Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. If you have any further queries or are unsure if something falls under Warranty cover, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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